The landing page of the new media library for the Stuttgart media university.

The new Media Library

Finally the Stuttgart Media University has gotten the media library it deserves. On a brand new, fully responsive react-based website the students, professors and everyone interrested in the university can discover amazing projects from every single year, since the first project was created.

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Our idea was to give the university the media library, it deserves. Not only did we want a functional piece of code, but a beautiful site, which users love to use.


The entire website is based on the react framework. It is a component based system, perfect for a media library with a ton of content and different projects.


The webpage was built by a team of seven people. Five people were responsible for coding, one for the design and the last one created an amazing image video.


The Backend is a Zope-System. We used MySQL, Ajax and Python to access the complete database. We also implemented a full text search over full text index.


The entire website was built from scratch in about three months. The file management was done with Git and coordination over Jira and Confluence.


Coding: Harri Faßbender, Tobias Reinbold, Michael Maier, Philip Mahler, Adrian Weber
Design: Leo Dörfler
Video: Jonas Schäuffelen

Lines of Code